Teaching - Current Courses

Accessible Computing (CSCI-497T/597T)

[Fall 2021]

This project-based course introduces software accessibility principles. Students will learn how to design and build software for and with users with different abilities e.g., people with visual impairments. Other topics include mobile accessibility, accessibility testing, and ML for accessibility.

Senior Project II (CSCI-492)

[Spring 2021, Fall 2021]

Students work in teams on a software project or research project under the guidance of faculty and possibly industry sponsors. Lecture/discussion topics may include software development life cycle, project management, software design, software testing, research methodologies.

Computer Organization II (CSCI-347)

[Fall 2020, Winter 2020, Spring 2021]

Modern software is a coordinated effort between the application logic stored in the program and services provided by the operating system. This course focuses on how a program uses the OS services. Topics include process management and concurrency concepts.